European Eclipse Quadruplet

Welcome to my project, which covers all solar eclipse events in Europe and stresses the 4 significant events occurring in 2026, 2027, 2028, and 2030.
This site is dedicated to European citizens and global travelers, who seek out the best spectacle of Nature, which is the solar eclipse. Each potential observation approach is targetted also at casual people, living in a certain location, who won’t need to travel anywhere. The basic aim of this website is to make them aware, that the eclipse-related event will take place. The solar eclipse and related phenomena are the most beautiful celestial things to explore. I would like to pass some hints about the longest lunar eclipse in the XXI century, which will be visible from the western part of the continent.
The specified pages will help the casual and experienced eclipse seeker to peer into forthcoming eclipse events and the unusual ways to observe them. The weather prospects and observation venues are also included.

The Sun loves to be eclipsed.
Marty Rubin

European eclipses 2021-2030

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